Zerodha Allows 21 Banks For Fund Transfer.Bank Account Change .Full Details

How do I add money to my trading account directly through Kite or Pi?

Ans:You can add funds directly from our trading platforms,here will be payment gateway charges of Rs 9 + 18% GST.The payment gateway transfer through Kite/Pi currently is only possible for 21 banks.listed below..


Note: Indian Overseas Bank and Karnataka banks are no longer allowed for payment gateway transfers

How do I change my primary bank account with Zerodha?
Ans:To change your primary bank account, you are required to provide a signed ‘Account Modification Form’ with a proof of the new bank account you want to link.
   click here to download Account Modification form
take print out and fill up forms

 documents required(attach with Forms)

1.Personalized Cancelled Check (name printed on the check leaf)
2.Bank statement (with IFSC Code and MICR No.)
3.Bank Passbook statement
 Courier Forms + Documents(The filled form along with the proof has to be sent to -)


#153/154 4th Cross Dollars Colony,

Opp. Clarence Public School,J.P Nagar 4th Phase,Bangalore – 560078

 Contact No-080 4040 2020

Can I link multiple bank accounts to my trading account?

Yes, you can map multiple bank accounts, i.e 1 primary bank account and 2 secondary bank accounts to your trading account .

But you should know.
1.The bank mapped as the primary bank account could also be used to add money to your trading account and also to make withdrawals from your trading account.
2.The bank account mapped as a secondary bank account can only be used for transfer money in your trading account.

Can I transfer funds from bank accounts that are not linked to my Zerodha Account?

Ans:No, you can’t .you will only be able to transfer funds from bank accounts that are linked to your Zerodha trading account

you can directly get in touch with Zerodha at or just give them a call at 080–4040–2020 or 080–3310–2020.

To Open Account Just click Bellow-

Zerodha     Upstox     5paisa 

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    Very useful information. To change the primary bank linked to your Zerodha Deemat, you have to download, print, fill, and courier the Account Modification from to zerodha head office address.

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