What are the stock market timings? Pre-market / Post-market / After-market Orders

 Stock Market Timings:

Equity Segment:

  • 9 am to 9.15 am – Pre-market
  • 9.15 am to 3.30 pm – Normal trading
  • 3.40 pm to 4.00 pm – Post-market

Note: All new IPOs are listed on the exchange at 10:00 am. The pre-open session is from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. 

Currency Segment:
  • 9 am to 5 pm – Normal trading

Commodity Segment:

  • 10 am to 11.30 pm – during daylight savings time – March to November

  • 10 am to 11.55 pm – November to March

 Pre-market / Post-market / After-market Orders:

  •  Pre-market Order:
NSE started the pre-open session for minimizing the volatility of securities during the day. Between 9:00 AM to 9:15 am when the pre-market session is conducted on NSE. During the pre-market session for the first 8 minutes (between 9:00 AM and 9:08 AM) orders are collected, modified or canceled. You can place limits orders / market orders After 9.08 AM to 9.15 AM no new orders can be placed, orders are done and trades confirmed. So you can place only for the first 8 minutes and only on equity segment
  • Post-market Orders:

The post-market session or closed session is open from 3:40 pm to 4:00 pm. During this session, people can buy buy / sell order in equity (delivery segment using the CNC product code) at the market price, but do note that even if you have a market order in place, then it is close to the exchange at the exchange. So for example, if the closing price of Reliance at 3:30 PM is Rs. 800, between 3:40 pm and 4:00 pm, you can place market orders to buy / sell Reliance at market price (800 / – at the time of purchase). Pre-market orders similar to, post-market orders only for equity trading

  • After-market Orders (AMO):
This facility is available for people who can not actively track the markets from 9:15 am to 3:30 pm. You can place anytime from 3:45 pm to 8:59 AM (for just before the pre-opening session) for the equity segment and up to 9:10 AM for F & O So you could plan your trades and place your orders before the market opens. After-market orders can be placed on all the exchange segments. Please note that if you place any after-market order between 9:15 AM and 3:45 pm, they will reject. AMO is allowed only between 3:45 pm and 8:59 AM for equity and up to 9:10 AM for F & O For currency derivatives, AMO is allowed from 3.45 PM the previous day to 8:59 AM only.After-market orders are also allowed for commodity trading. After-market orders for commodity can be placed anytime during the day, orders will be sent to the exchange at 10:00 AM (MCX opening). So if you place an after market order at 9:59 it will get sent today and if you place it at 10:01 it’ll get sent tomorrow.
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