Upcoming IPOs (Initial Public Offering) | 2020 IPO Calendar

Upcoming IPOs are those IPOs which have been drafted with SEBI or have been approved by SEBI and their Date of issue is out. In this article, you will find the latest upcoming IPO’s in India.


IPO An Initial Public Offering is when equity shares of a company are offered to the public on the open market i.e. the stock market for the first time. The company going public raises capital and funds by trading IPO shares. During the IPO trading, a fraction of shares are reserved for different types of investors including individual investors, qualified institutional buyers and high net-worth individuals. The IPO is either a Fixed Price Issue or Book Built Issue.



Upcoming IPOs / Recent IPOs / Running IPOs of Jan-2020 :

Issuer CompanyExchangeOpen DateClose DateLot Size Size Issue Price
Issue Size (Rs Cr)
ICL Organic Dairy Products LtdBSE SMEJan 31, 2020Feb 7, 20206000204.08
Chandra Bhagat Pharma Ltd BSE SMEJan 31, 2020Feb 6, 202020005110.20

These companies have drafted their prospectus with SEBI or their red herring prospectus has been revealed. Find below the List of Latest IPOs or the most recent IPOs.

Most Famous Upcoming IPOs of 2020 :

Issuer CompanyIPO Size (Rs.)Price Band (Rs.)Issue Date
SBI Cards IPO9600 Cr.N/AUpcoming
Bajaj Energy IPO5450 Cr.N/AUpcoming
CAMS IPO1500 Cr.N/AUpcoming
Montecarlo Limited IPO550 CrN/AUpcoming

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The stock exchange where the IPO shares are proposed to be listed. Mainline IPO’s are listed on BSE and NSE. The SME IPO’s are listed on NSE EMERGE or BSE SME platform of the respective exchanges.

The opening and closing date of the IPO bidding process. Investors can apply in an IPO during this time only.

The minimum count of shares an investor can apply for in an IPO. A lot size of ‘500’ means that an investor needs to bid for at least 500 shares.

The price per equity share. There are 2 types of IPO’s-Book Building and Fixed Price IPOs. Book Building IPOs will have a price range, say Rs 130-135 and investors need to bid within the price range. Fixed price issue has a specific price to bid.

The total monetary value of the IPO. It is arrived by multiplying the number of shares offered by the company with the issue price per share.


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