How to Apply IPO through Zerodha-SBI NET BANKING

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first of all you are welcome to Tech & Finance.Today we will know with this post how you can apply to the IPO on sbi banks(sbi net banking)  using Zerodha DP id details.

Step 1
(Login to your backoffice and get the below Details)
  1. Check for Depository details if it is ZERODHA SECURITIES PRIVATE LIMITED then it will be CDSL or NSDL (call our support 080-4040-2020 and confirm if not updated)
  2. Note your DP ID
  3. Note Your BENEFICIARY ID i.e BID
  4.  DP ID for IPO APPLICATION i.e combination of both DPID and BID
  5. DP Name Zerodha (For old clients before 2013 please call support and get the DP name)
  • Login to your SBI netbanking and go to E-services tab.
  • Click on Demat & ASBA from the left side menu.

  • Under ASBA services select IPO Equity.

  •  Click on Agree and then select the IPO you wish to subscribe and hit Go.

  •  Click accept.

full process janne ke lia a video watch kor lijia..

ipo on sbi net banking part-1

ipo on sbi net banking part-2

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