Frequently Asked Questions – Demat Account-अकाउंट ओपन करने से पहले एक बार जरुर पढ़ें

Frequently Asked Questions – Demat Account-अकाउंट ओपन करने से पहले एक बार जरुर पढ़ें

Demat & Trading Account FAQ:

                            Hello friend in this blog we will discuss about Demat & Trading account through frequently asked questions and answer .FAQ  helps  us  for better understanding of stock market investing and to resolve our quires.If you are thinking of opening a demat account in the stock market, then must read this post.

Q.1:Can a demat account be opened directly with CDSL & NSDL?

Ans-A demat account can not be opened directly with CDSL. The demat account has to be opened only though a Depository Participant (DP) of CDSL & NSDL
Q.2:Is it mandatory to submit PAN card details?
Ans- Yes. SEBI has made it mandatory for all existing and new account holders to submit a copy of their PAN card, along with the original for verification. 

Q.3: Why bank details are required while opening a demat account?
Ans-This requirement is a security measure. The Dividend / interest warrants issued by the companies will

have BOs name printed on it, so that the warrants can not be misused by other person.
Q.4:Can a demat account be opened in the name of Joint Holders?
Ans-Yes. A demat account can be a single holder account or a joint holder account. A demat account can

have maximum three account holders i.e. one main holder and two joint holders.

Q.5:Can a Demat account be opened for a minor?

Ans-Demat account can be opened in the name of a minor. The account will be operated by a guardian till
the minor becomes major, Guardian has to be the father or in his absence mother. In absence of both,
father or mother, the guardian can be appointed by court.

Q.6:Can minor be a joint holder in another demat account?
Ans-No. Minor can not be a joint holder in a demat account.

Q.7:Can a demat account be opened in the name of a trust?
Ans-yes ,it is also possible.If the trust is registered under the Public Trust act 1860 / Societies Registration act / Bombay
Public Trust act / public trust act in force in the state, then a demat account can be opened in the
name of a trust. 

Q.8:Can any information submitted at the time of opening a demat account be modified at a
later date?
Ans-Yes. Except names of the account holder(s) and type of the account, all other information such as

address, bank details, date of birth etc. can be modified. As per recent SEBI guidelines Name change,
of account holders, due to any of the following reasons is permitted;

  •  Change in name on account of marriage
  •  Change in name on account of reasons other than marriage
  • Change in father’s name

 In all above cases appropriate documentation has to be provided by the account holder.

Q.9:Can joint holder names be added / deleted from a demat account?

Ans-No. Once a demat account is opened addition / modification / deletion of account holder names is not
Q.10:Does a BO have to keep any minimum balance of securities in his demat account?
Ans-A demat account can be opened and maintained even with nil balance.

Q.11: Is it mandatory to have a demat account to apply in an IPO?
Ans-Yes it’s mandatory to have a demat account to apply in an IPO.If you don’t provide correct demat account information your IPO bidding application will not consider for share allotment.

Q.12:Can a person have more than one demat account on his name?
Ans-Yes, a person have more than one demat account on his name. There is no restriction on number of demat accounts which an investor can open. An investor can open more than one account in the same name with the same DP and also with different DPs.
Q.13: What is CDSL and NSDL ?
Ans-NSDL means National Securities Depository Limited which deals with National Stock Exchange (NSE).

CDSL means Central Depository Services Limited which deals with Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

NSDL and CDSL are electronic depositories that hold all the securities electronically in de-materialised format

Q.14: Is there nomination facility in demat account?
Ans-Nomination can be made by individuals holding beneficiary accounts either singly or jointly.
Q.15:How many Demat Accounts do I need?
Ans-A person can have multiple Demat Accounts but not with the same broker/DP and also, one demat account can be mapped to multiple trading accounts.

Q.16:How much do u need to pay for my Demat Account?
Ans-You will have to contact to your DP for the details of charges structure because different DPs charge different fees.
  • account opening fees(one time)
  • maintains fees

Q.17:My signed Power of Attorney is still in courier. Can I still trade?

Ans-Demat Power of Attorney (POA) is needed only for sell or pledge shares. You could still buy shares which will be transferred to your demat account on T+2 day. To sell shares, you would need POA

Q.18:Can i open demat account online?
Ans-yes,you can.if your aadhar card is linked with mobile no

Q.19:Is it necessary to have account with the same DP as broker has?
Ans-No. Investor can choose any DP as per his / her convenience or choice and
carry on trading activity through broker of his / her choice, irrespective of the DP of broker.

Q.20: can a minor nominate?
Ans-No, a minor cannot nominate either directly or through its guardian.

Q.21: Who can be a nominee?
Ans-Only an individual can be a nominee. A nominee shall not be a society, trust, body corporate, partnership firm, karta of Hindu Undivided Family or a power of attorney holder.
Q.22: Can there be more than one nominee?
Ans-You may mention upto to three nominees in one depository account. Please take care to mention the share of each nominee (in %) in the nomination form, if you are mentioning more than one nominee.

Q.23: which documents required for opening demat account?
Ans-you required below documents to open Trading Account;
PAN Card.
Passport Size Photograph.
Address Proof.
Income proof ( Required for Derivative trade- FNO)
Bank proof (Cancelled cheque)

Q.24: How much time does it take to open a Demat account in Zerodha?
Ans-OFFLINE-it takes 2/3 working days to get a Demat account after the form reaches there.offline account opening

ONLINE-Zerodha has also introduced Aadhar-based online account opening facility which is very convenient and less time consuming.u can open account withen a day.

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