Free में Unlimited Intraday Trading Plan (Rs 999 Plan)  Kotak Securities के साथ :FAQS

Free में Unlimited Intraday Trading Plan (Rs 999 Plan) Kotak Securities के साथ :FAQS

Kotak Securities:The traditional brokers like Kotak Securities are being challenged by a new breed of discount stock brokers like Zerodha and Upstox.

                         Kotak Securities has introduced a new brokerage free intraday trading scheme for their trading account holders.
Kotak offers unlimited equity intra-day trading for one flat Rs 999 per year fee.

Here Are FAQ’S About Kotak Securities Unlimited Trading Plan:
So friends here we will discuss about Kotak Securities ‘Free Intraday Trading FIT Plan’

Q-1.What Is FIT?
Ans-Kotak’s FIT is a short-form for  ‘FREE INTRADAY TRADING’Plan.

Q-2.How does Kotak’s FIT Brokerage Free Trading plan Work?
Ans-The plan offers unlimited intraday equity trading in segments like Equity Cash and F & O for a yearly fee of Rs 999.

Q-3.Is this a limited time offer?
Ans-The FIT brokerage free trading plan is here to stay, and is available for renewal every year here after.

Q-4.Are delivery trades free under the FIT Plan?
Ans-The Fit Scheme is valid only for Intraday trading.

Q-5.How much margin is provided by Kotak Securities?
Ans-Kotak does not provides high margins.Only 4x leverage is available for Intraday trading under the FIT plan.

Q-6.What segments can I trade Brokerage Free under the FIT Brokerage Plan?
Ans-You can trade brokerage free in the Equity Cash and FNO Segments under the FIT brokerage plan.
Q-7.Is FIT Plan Available  for CALL AND TRADE Facility?
Ans-This price plan only available for online trading. Call & Trade or orders placed through dealers are not included in this plan. Regular brokerage is applicable to those orders.

Q-8.In Which training platform of koatk securities available FIT brokerage plan?
Ans-This plan is available for Kotak Mobile Trading App, Trade Smart trading terminal and Kotak securities website for trading. Customers using ODIN Diet cannot use this plan.

Q-9.What is the minimum fund to be maintained in my FIT Trading Account at Kotak Securities?
Ans-Minimum Fund to be maintained in your FIT Trading account is 1000 INR.

Q-10.I am an NRI, can I avail this offer?
Ans-This offer is only available to Resident Indians.

Q-11. How much will be the charge if intraday trade convert into the delivery trade?
Ans-If the intraday position is rolled-over in the next day, the trade gets converted into a delivery trade. In this case, Kotak Securites will charge regular brokerage. 
Q-12. What is the Fees of Opening a new trading account with kotak Securities?

Q-13.What is the Auto-Square Off Time for Intraday Orders at Kotak Securities?
Ans-The Auto-Square off time is 3:10 pm for leveraged Intraday Orders.

Q-14. Where can I find more Information?

The FIT Trading Plan from Kotak Securities is suitable for intraday traders whose priority is not on Intraday Margin.

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