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Zerodha Known as Budget Broker / Discount Broker / Pay Per Order Brokerage) 
Zerodha provides Trades In: BSE, NSE, MCX-SX, MCX 
Zerodha - India's first discount broker offering the lowest, cheapest brokerage rates in the industry We offer option trading, commodity brokerage, futures trading, brokerage services in India

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Zerodha Headquarters:

#153/154 4th Cross Dollars Colony,

Opp. Clarence Public School,J.P Nagar 4th Phase,Bangalore - 560078 Contact No-080 4040 2020


 SUPPORT-1.08040402020 (8.30AM-6.00PM)

          2.08033102020  (8.30AM-6.00PM)
CALL & TRADE-1.08040402020 (9AM-11.55PM)
         2.08033102020  (9AM-11.55PM)


 1.What are the account opening charges?
The account opening fee will be Rs. 300 for an equity trading and DEMAT account and Rs. 200 for a commodity account
To open a account -Click Here

2.I got my login id but I did not get my password?


It generally takes around 48 - 72 hours for your account to be opened after you have applied online. 

You will receive your password for both Kite and Q BACK OFFICE on your registered email address, once you have applied for your account online.

3.What is the Annual Maintenance Charge?


For Zerodha DEMAT, for individuals - Rs. 300 + 18% GST

- For partnership and LLP accounts, it is Rs. 300 + 18% GST
- For corporate account, i.e. public and private limited companies, it is Rs. 1000 + 18% GST
- For IL & FS DEMAT - (accounts opened before 15th sep 2015) - Rs. 400 + 18% Gst

4.Does Zerodha provide leverage for delivery/carry over positions?
Ans-No, don’t provide leverage for delivery/carry over positions as of now. If we do so in the future, we will notify you.

5.What is power of attorney (POA) and why is it needed?
Ans- POA is a document which gives us the authorization to debit your shares from your DEMAT account whenever you sell your shares. 
  ⏩If you have not submitted the POA form, you will not be able to see the shares you have purchased under holdings. You will also not be able to sell them
    ⏩You would still be able to trade intraday in Equity and Futures and Options
⏩You could send us the POA to the address mentioned below:

#153/154 4th Cross Dollars Colony, Opp. Clarence Public School, J.P Nagar 4th Phase, Bangalore - 560078

5.How do I open a trading account without opening a DEMAT?
Ans- You can’t open a trading account without opening a DEMAT account if you're applying online. 

However, you can apply to open a trading account without a DEMAT account if you're applying offline.

6.How do I know when my account is open, how long does it take?
Ans-It usually takes 48 - 72 working hours for your account to be activated
⏩Once your account has been opened, you will receive a welcome email from '' to your registered email address, with your client ID / login ID and password.
To Open Account Just click Bellow-

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